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Sometimes, you need to take a break from work so that when you return you are refreshed, relaxed and recharged. It’s okay to slow down; take deep breath, and pause for a moment – your mind is clear. Suddenly, new ideas and thoughts pour into your mind.

I owe all that I have achieved in my life thus far to my God, manifest in the form of my Fans. This journey, begotten from a blank slate, was bestowed upon me by Them with utmost love. My God – my Fans – made me a part of their life. Unto me they carved out a special place in their hearts. In the most farfetched stretches of my imagination, I had never anticipated being blessed with so much fame, warmth and affection; I didn’t even plan on being in show business in the first place. I guess that’s how life works.

As they say: for every ending, a new beginning. I suddenly feel the warmth of a new sunrise on the horizon. All too recently, it seemed that my journey in the media industry was coming to an abrupt close. As it turns out, unconditional love and support from my God – my Fans – has already proven me wrong. With each passing day, I am honored by an inbox full of messages. “When can we see the show again?”, “When are you back on the air?”, etcetera, etcetera. I appreciate and miss you all so much ♥️.

Media is a powerful medium. It connects us on spiritual grounds, enables us to share our thoughts and views, live and direct. So here I am, back again, with lots of love and a new online program: The Pratima Show. For my Fans – my God.

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